“On Flipboard, we encourage readers to do just one thing: flip. Just open the app, and flip from left to right. By minimizing friction and encouraging readers to focus on the content, we become transparent. And that, we believe, is the secret of great design.”

—Marcos Weskamp, Head of Design at Flipboad, from this great interview from Mashable.

Flipboard is my all-time favorite iPad app and easily in my top five iPhone apps. The user experience is pretty much perfect and it’s great to hear some of the thoughts and process behind the product.

I think Craig Mod is one of the most interesting designers working today. Previously the lead designer for Flipboard for iPhone (which is fantastic), he’s currently a MacDowell Writing Fellow working on the future of the books. I like the way Craig writes and talks and most importantly, I like the way he thinks. His career has largely focused on what future books could look like and the experience that shapes them.

His recent talk at the Build Conference is a great look into what books can be and how to bring the nostalgia we associate with physical books into the digital space. We often speak about the artifact or the interface of future books but here, Craig argues what will be most important—most nourishing—is keeping that nostalgia and experience and romanticism as books go digital. I highly recommend this one.