“Doug stands as the purest distillation of Nickelodeon’s simple, soulful interest in the inner lives of kids. Like the rest of his generation, Doug Funnie wanted to be different but wasn’t. He wished his massive nose was smaller. He wished he could dance. He wished he were smarter. The show constantly portrayed the false relationship between becoming a better person and becoming a different person; it grappled again and again with the devastating epiphany of adolescence that there are things about you that you can’t change.”

The Genius of ‘Doug,’ ‘Rugrats,’ and ‘Ren & Stimpy,’ 20 Years Later

My sister and I still talk about how good Doug and Hey, Arnold! were. Like parents introduced me to shows they watched as kids, these are shows I hope to share with my kids someday.

Man, those were the days.

I absolutely love this collection of Looney Tunes backgrounds from the Cartoon Network archives. I’m immediately taken back to my childhood and watching Saturday morning cartoons. It’s interesting looking at them now from an illustration point of view and seeing how they unknowingly influenced some of my illustration style. I really want to just be a kid and watch cartoons again now.