Finals Week Text Playlist

It’s the last week of classes before finals so the next few days look to be fairly busy as I finish up a handful of class projects as well as a few freelance things that have come down the pipeline. That being said, posting may be quite sporadic this week as I juggle these things and get some work done.

At the beginning of the summer, Frank Chimero shared what he calls a “Text Playlist,” essentially a small collection of articles and blogposts he has saved that he returns to every few weeks to read. I too have a text playlist that I keep in Evernote that I return to every so often when I’m feeling down or depressed or cynical or just in need of a bit of encouragement. In a way, I guess, it’s my favorite corners of the internet that I want to run back to time and time again.

Considering I’ll be focused on other projects this week and have no idea how much time the blog will receive, I thought it’d be nice to share the list with you today. This should give you a healthy dose of quality reading to last you a week if you desire.

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